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Don’t cry.
Don’t laugh.
Don’t snigger.
Don’t sing.
Don’t smile.
Don’t frown
Don’t say a thing.
Don’t blink.
Don’t wink.
Don’t sip your drink.
Don’t put your hands in your pockets and think.
Don’t stand up straight.
Don’t tie back your hair.
Don’t move a cushion from here to there.
Don’t open an umbrella.
Don’t scratch your arm.
Don’t set the time on your bedside alarm.
Don’t lick an ice-cream.
Don’t smell a flower.
Don’t toss back your hair while you take a shower.
Don’t wander or whimper
Or shuffle or shiver
Or gaze or giggle
Or cough or quiver.
Don’t eat.
Don’t drink.
Don’t breathe in the air.

Don’t do anything, love, when I’m not there.