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This week I curated the @PeopleOfUK account on Twitter.  This is a rotation curation project where a different person from the UK looks after the account each week.  During my curation, I ran a “crowdsourcing” attempt at getting people to send in their suggested lines for a sonnet.

This is the result. Yes ok it’s a bit random, but it was fun!  There are lines here from people in the UK, in Germany, and even from someone’s pub quiz team. Well worth the experiment!

Twitter Sonnet

Did you hear about @PeopleofUK?
Each week it gives a voice to you or me.
Curators sometimes smart can be
If they start a contest someday.
The sky can be blue or even grey
It’s autumn now – don’t you agree?
Red leaves around I can see
But this rain can make me dismay.

Hi folks! It’s up to you to rhyme
’bout autumn, winter, summer, spring.
The curator is running out of time,
Before he sleeps let’s help him sing.
But despite the ‘quests from time to time
No one can find anything.