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Whenever I talk to people, they talk back to me.
It’s strange I know, but there it is, and I can’t
Help but feel a truth lies hidden in this statement
That will enlighten many.  It’s far beyond my meagre
Powers to say much more about it, but maybe if we
Work together, you and I, we shall have some success.

Why don’t you start us off – tell me a story. Something
Simple, something truthful, something that will help me
Understand the workings of your mind. Thankyou, yes,
This is very interesting – I too was born, I can’t deny it.
I believe it happens to many of us. But this is good.
We have something great in common and it will serve us well.

Now, please, you ask me something. Ah, very good.
What do I expect for the future? Well, friend,
I suppose I hope for many things, but the one
Event of which I’m certain is that I’ll die. Oh – you
Agree? Well, this is excellent. We are not so different,
You and I! Come comrade, brother, fellow sojourner,
Let us walk arm-in-arm and talk of many things!