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Here are some poems I’ve enjoyed recently.

Click on the title to read the poem

Bored’ by Margaret Atwood

A neat poem about gender, power and the mundane: “perhaps though / boredom is happier.”

‘the vague notion of authorship’ by Richard Skinner and ‘Similes of the Mallorcan Midwife Toad’ by Glyn Maxwell

Two jaunty, tongue in cheek poems that use quirky metaphors from the natural world to explore themes of ancestry and identity.

‘The Birds of the Air’ by Jean Sprackland

A different perspective of nature. A poem about the vague notion of wanting to feel light and free.

‘Status’ by Raymond Antrobus

His father dies and he wonders if he should update Facebook: “People will like that.” It’s a very poignant poem. Do read it.

‘Past Tense’ by Sunrise Thoughts

A touching poem. Looking back on a teen friendship.

‘The Figure of a Man Being Swallowed by a Fish’ by Joshua Weiner

Wonderful poem – man against the world. Also just a refreshing insightful look at ancient sculpture. Loved it.