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A few more poems that I have enjoyed recently. I hope you find something here you like too.

Just click on the title to read a poem in full. Let me know what you enjoyed by adding a comment.

‘Lines from the Creek’ by Elinor Brooks

A parent watches their child fishing and reflects on how he’s grown up. “I remember how it felt / to cradle your baby skull.” Beautifully done.

‘February’ by Boris Pasternak trans. Sasha Dugdale and ‘Engram’ by Ahrem Warner

“Get out the ink and weep!” Two enjoyable poems about inspiration which affectionately poke fun at poets.

‘All That Time’ by May Swenson

Simply a poem about two trees that have come to lean on each other.

‘Swallows’ and ‘Recovery Room, Maternity Ward’ by Doireann Ní Ghríofa

Two incredibly sad poems about the aftermath of a stillbirth. “Someday, within these walls, / I will hear my baby cry.”

‘Their Lonely Better’ by W.H. Auden

A great poem from an old master. “Words are for those with promises to keep.”

‘The Conductor’ by Jacqueline Berger

About a conductor of an orchestra who suffers from Parkinson’s. Moving.

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